Organizations and websites that may be useful for HSPs

The Highly Sensitive Person
Dr. Elaine Aron’s website

The best HSP website with HSP Self test, and in depth information based on Dr. Aron's research and books on High Sensitivity. Check out her Newsletter archive for useful articles.

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Dr. Tedd Zeff: Healing for Highly Sensitive People

Website full of useful tips on coping strategies by the writer of the Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide.

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HSP Notes
by Peter Messerschmidt

The web’s oldest HSP-specific blog full of useful in-depth articles.

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Janine Ramsey, Sensitivity Style Specialist
Introducing Sensitivity Styles

- a new model supported by scientific research, which is designed to help people with differing levels of sensitivity live and work together more respectfully and successfully.

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HSP Book
Yahoo Group

A free, independently-run email discussion group for HSPs.

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Highly Sensitive Men
by Chrisi Brand

A website, blog and on-line forum for Highly Sensitive Men with many interesting articles.

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HSP Gatherings
by Jacquelyn Strickland

The Annual HSP Gatherings offer a unique opportunity to be renewed and validated as a highly sensitive person.

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HSP Meetup Groups
in your area

Meet other local fans of author, Elaine Aron and her book 'The Highly Sensitive Person'.

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Sheep Dressed Like Wolves
for "gentle rebels"

A creative website crammed with useful podcasts related to topics that interest HSPs.

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The Happy Sensitive
by Caroline Van Kimmenade

Tools and Coaching to go from highly sensitive to happy sensitive.

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A Highly Sensitive Person's Life
by Kelly O'Laughlin

A website that talks frankly abut life as an HSP with lots of podcasts and a youthful attitude.

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- gateway to the creative world of Highly Sensitive People

Discussion group for HSPs, which also publishes a magazine for HSPs.

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Highly Sensitive Power

A website that aims to empower sensitivity through curiosity, creativity, and community.

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Sensitive Evolution
by Maria Hill

A great website jam-packed with a well-organised library and other content for HSPs. (Previously known as HSP Heath)

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